All Yellow FBs are offered in two densities:

  • balls of lower foam density of +/- 62 kg/m3 are slower with lower bounce
  • higher density balls of the +/- 72 kg/m3 foam are faster with higher bounce.

MBTA explicitly warns that using the 150/190mm FB for playing with tennis rackets can be dangerous for the players!

 MBTA sometimes uses 150FBs with skilled players capable using them after clear warning being given that all strokes must be supported by the body action and wrist needs to be locked. MBTA seldom uses the 190FBs and sees them mainly as conditioning/ coordination tools (not for hitting w/tennis rackets).

In general, unlike with other tennis learning systems being developed after the initial DTBT rollout in 1997/98, the main focus of DTBT is at stroke quality & sound technical foundation for further player development without any technical limits.

90FB = Yellow Foam Ball w/diameter 90mm

  • 90FB RED - Weight: 19-21 grams, Density: 62 kg/m3, lower/slower
  • 90FB GREEN – Weight: 22-24 grams,Density: 72 kg/m3, higher/faster

Price: US$ 6.00 for 1 ball

Shipping & handling: US$ 1.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee

120FB = Yellow Foam Ball w/diameter 120mm

  • 120FB GREEN - Weight: 50-52 grams, Density: 62 kg/m3, medium
    !! KEY ELEMENT of DTBT !!
  • 120FB BLUE – Weight: 56-58 grams, Density: 72 kg/m3, fast/high

Price: US$ 14.00 for 1 ball 

Shipping & handling: US$ 2.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee

150FB = Yellow Foam Ball w/diamete 150mm

  • 150FB GREEN - Weight: 115-118 gr., Density: 62 kg/m3, lower/slower
  • 150FB BLUE – Weight: 126-130 gr.,
    Density: 72 kg/m3, fast/high

Price: US$ 20.00 for 1 ball

Shipping & handling: US$ 4.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee

190FB = Yellow Foam Ball w/diameter 190mm

  • 190FB GREEN - Weight: 222-226 gr., Density: 62 kg/m3, lower/slower
  • 190FB BLACK – Weight 245-255 gr., m3, Density: 72 kg/m3, higher/faster

Price: US$ 32.00 for 1 ball

Shipping & handling: US$ 8.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee

160CFB = Medium White Coated Foam Ball w/diameter 160mm – washable

Weight: 165-170 grams
Density: 62 kg/m3

Price: US$ 38.00 for 1 ball

Shipping & handling: US$ 6.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee

210CFB = Big White Coated Foam Ball
w/diameter 210mm – washable

Weight: 320-330 grams
Density: 62 kg/m3

Price: US$ 52.00 for 1 ball

Shipping & handling: US$ 12.00 per ball
added to the shipping flat fee


MOBILE PHONE/FAX:+41-79-4269939 - OFFICE P/F:+41-43-2440877 - MAIL: mgb@mgbsports.org


  • The above mentioned ball prices as well as shipping & handling fees are valid as of September 1, 2019 and are subject to change at any time.
  • Shipping & handling charges consist of a flat fee of US$ 20.00 (Europe) / US$ 35.00 (outside of Europe) plus respective charges for each ball.
  • Maximum shipping & handling charge is US$ 200.00 per order. MBTA ships with Swiss Post Registered Air Economy, which delivers parcels against signature within 7 work days in Europe / 16 work days worldwide (outside of Europe). For Registered Air Priority shipping arriving within 4 work days (Europe) / 8 work days worldwide (outside Europe) add US$ 20.00 per order. Express shipping is available based on request. Delays at customs at destination might occur! Personal pick-up at our Swiss address is also possible!
  • All here presented DTBT Foam Balls by MBTA are produced from specially treated non-toxic polyurethane foam (worldwide patented additive) in Germany. This material has significantly extended longevity compared to majority of the polyurethane balls being offered on the world market. The weight and density may vary up to +/- 6%, the diameter up to +/- 2%. Based on request, higher amount of Yellow DTBT Foam Balls can be produced with custom logo/logos printed on (up to 2 logos per ball). Please ask for details. Standard are MBTA/DTBT and MyTennisWorld.net logos in respective colors as above.
  • On request MBTA conducts DTBT introductory clinics for players as well as comprehensive education courses/©DTBT Coach Certification in this in our opinion most body-friendly/ body-efficient and fully scalable tennis learning & training system for coaches/teachers worldwide. Please ask for details/special DTBT World Tour brochure!
  • A DVD made of the 4- hour USPTA Specialty Course conducted by Dr. Martin G. Baroch “Dynamic Total Body Tennis – future of the game” (in 2009) can be purchased over www.usprotennisshop.com (Item #SC10-03). This USPTA online shop carries also other DVDs with seminars by Dr.MGB.