Czech Professional Tennis Association (CPTA)

was established in 1992 by Dr. Martin G. Baroch (Dr.MGB) and a group of Czech tennis coaches believing in the importance of the high-quality education in the coaching profession. CPTA was established during the first private tennis coaches education course in the Eastern Europe, which was organized by Dr. MGB in the Czech capital of Prague. Over the past 24 years, CPTA/Dr.MGB have organized independent educational courses and seminars for coaches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as in Switzerland and significantly influenced the level of tennis knowledge in these countries, which belong to the dominant tennis nations on the world scale as of today. In addition to that, Dr. MGB has conducted breakthrough seminars for tennis coaches and tennis clinics on 3 continents and many elements from his Dynamic Total Body Tennis (DTBT) learning and training methodology have found their way into the training systems in many countries.

What we offer?

Coach education and certification

Coach education and certification in TENNIS 3.0 / DTBT as part of global "TENNIS 3.0 INITIATIVE"

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Educational tennis seminars & clinics

Wide range of educational tennis seminars & clinics - DTBT World Tour & "TENNIS 3.0 INITIATIVE"

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Training systems and programming for nations, associations, clubs and schools

Development of sustainable tennis training systems and programming for nations, associations, clubs and schools - "TENNIS 3.0 INITIATIVE"

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