Roger Federer – Secrets of his Service 3.0

His Service 3.0 is an almost ideal stroke with a high level of the racket stability in the space, thanks also to the underlying helix form. The next main deciding aspect is the (in most cases) nearly perfect body energy unloading against the target based on the well-controlled (targeted) long-axis pronation. The photos below show that (in a contrary to the rather dangerous myths about the necessity to swing the racket by the non-dominant (her left) foot, as preached for decades in most of the tennis books and by most of the tennis coaches), Roger stays....

Novak Djokovic – Solid Service 3.0

Novak's service is usually not making the biggest headlines, but since he found back to a good service rhythm during the spring and mainly summer of 2018, he can rely on it quite well again. His highly solid 1st service fulfills very well all the requirements of a great Service 3.0 with a helix.....

Sebastian Korda – Clean 1st Service 3.0

Below, I am focusing on his 1st service technique as I have analyzed it during the 2017 French Open Junior Championships. Sebastian's service is dominated on the backswing part by a calm body pretension buildup and an almost straight tossing motion, both free of any major idiosyncrasies. This is followed by a solid push-off leading to a good extension and then by a very.....

Denis Shapovalov – Powerful 1st service 3.0

From the strokes, the service belongs to one of Shapovalov's strengths, but small improvements (part of the Tennis 3.0 Code seem to be missing) could probably make this leftie service to an even more of a constant weapon. Below, I am showing some of Denis' services at both the 2017 French and the 2017 US.Open. The opening of the racket...

Bernard Tomic – Service 3.0 – look back

One of the biggest would be his service. At 196cm (6'5''), Bernard has quite excellent bodily parameters for a powerful service and also his service technique is, despite certain weakness in his legs and core, since years very solid. The below-presented photos are from the 2011 Masters Series tournament in..

Sloane Stephens – Service 3.0 over the time

It was my real pleasure to have had the chance to work with Sloane in 2010-11 and updating her service was maybe the most enjoyable instant success of my coaching career in tennis. During our first meeting on the court in Florida in 2010, Sloane, as this is quite usual with most of the young players until today, didn't have a clear understanding about the (targeted) pronation. Following short verbal, visual and proprioceptive explanation of this motion and its key elements (including the Service 3.0 Code) from my side, Sloane wanted

Denis Istomin – Solid service 3.0

Denis, who is being trained by his mother Klaudiya Istomina, possess quite solid and efficient stroke technique and his service fulfills all the requirements of the Service 3.0, which stands for service played with optimal body energy integration. Some details of his service can be seen on photos from the 2016 US.Open shown below: