DTBT lesson pathway

DTBT Foam Balls naturally force development of Tennis 3.0 strokes

The main principles making the DTBT FB to such a valuable tool are based on the fact then in order to successfully play with them, the players have to incorporate solid spacing, proper ball receiving and appropriate body energy unloading, all combined with a longer attention span, in every stroke. The DTBT FB

Xiyu Wang – Mistake-prone aggressive forehand

Wang has an almost ideal tennis body with long extremities. For her age, she has already quite highly developed tactical varieties and is well capable of an attacking all-court game, which she applied quite successfully also during her recent US Open campaign. Her overall tactical possibilities are then in my opinion slightly limited by certain technical weaknesses in her strokes. In this article, I would like to look at her forehand. Wang is playing her forehand in a very aggressive manner, but this stroke is prone to rather frequent mistakes, mainly due to the...

Petra Kvitova – Dominant leftie Service 3.0

Petra's favorite strokes are the service and the backhand, which is a great combination for her as a left-handed player. Her forehand is a bit mistake prone, as I did write about it in one of the previous articles here. Below, I am showing some important details from Petra's dominant service through the years, from her so far the most successful 2011 season and then some rather recent ones. And there are some developments to be spotted...

Genie Bouchard – Service details

Genie's service, in particular, didn't get so much attention yet, but despite some improvement possibilities concerning mainly the increase of its margin, it has a lot of good aspects, mainly around the body energy integration into the stroke. Genie mostly gains quite high percentages out of her serving points.

Ying-Ying Duan – New Chinese player in WTA top 100 – 1st Service

Ying-Ying Duan (*89 / CHN) can be at her age of 27 years hardly considered as a young tennis prodigy, but this relatively new entrant into the WTA top 100 could eventually become a factor in the women's tennis. At her height of 186cm (6'1''), the service can be considered as her biggest weapon. Her service surely has already quite some potential, but certain improvements could bring even better serving efficiency and higher margin along.

TENNIS 3.0 CODE – for TENNIS 3.0 strokes – general information

TENNIS 3.0 CODE has few respective requirements for each of the strokes of tennis. But there is the one main element of the TENNIS 3.0 CODE, which is common to all dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes being hit with the optimal combination of power and control (with the exception of some trouble-shooting and trick strokes), which we want to reveal to the tennis world - the common denominator of all high-quality dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes is in the effort to move...