Eugenie Bouchard (*94 / CAN) – Warm-up in TENNIS 3.0 style at 2014 US.Open

During the years of my very enjoyable cooperation with Nick Saviano (FL / USA), who is a great tennis mind with a very complex way of thinking, which is very hard to find, certain transfers of the DTBT/TENNIS 3.0 know-how did surely happen and it was my real pleasure to see what Nick was able to accomplish since we started our cooperation in 2009. Over the past years, Nick has done a tremendous job with Genie Bouchard (*1994 / CAN) and mainly the forehand and the backhand were almost completely fulfilling the TENNIS 3.0 benchmark in her stellar year of 2014. The photos below are from the practice at the 2014 US.Open, where I have been making the last technical documentation of Genie for Nick in 2014. The images are from the warm-up and unlike most of the players who tend to use heavy forearm action during the warm-up hitting in the “small court”, Genie is

The images are from the warm-up and unlike most of the players who tend to use heavy forearm action and rather short concentration span during the warm-up hitting in the “small court”, Genie is fully focused on using a full-body action right from the beginning – her respective outside hip and shoulder are rotating with the stroke and elbows are following the target. With this way of hitting, the energy from the body action (rotation) powers the stroke and controls the racket position in the space. What looks very easy here is an almost ideal application of the subtle neuromuscular regulation elements, which I call TENNIS 3.0 CODE. When the full-body action for practically every stroke is properly hard-wired, players tend to have a better chance to keep the stroke quality and ball control, mainly under pressure where those otherwise tend to get lost. Currently, it’s very nice to see that after months of Genie’s stagnation without Nick, Nick is bringing her back to the right path during their renewed cooperation.

More photo documentation and details are available upon request – drmgb11(at)


Forehand – follow-through – part 1 – elbow and racket are flying against the target



Forehand – follow-through 2 – full pronation against the target



Backhand – impact far in the front



Backhand – follow-through with full pronation of the non-dominant arm coming out of the body action

Copyright 2014 (photos) and 2016 (text) by Dr. Martin G. Baroch

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (alias DrMGB) - CPTA's Vice-president - Director of Education and Certifications, long-time USPTA International Head Tester and member of the USPTA Education Committee, owner of the Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center (MBTA & HPC)

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