Olga Danilovic (*2001 / SRB) – On the border between Tennis 2.0 and TENNIS 3.0

Serve point in the 2nd round match of the U18 tournament during the 2015 Orange Bowl in Plantation, FL / USA – Olga Danilovic (*2001 / SRB – daughter of former Serbian basketball star Sascha Danilovic), which can be considered as a significant tennis prodigy, clearly shows in this point her enormous potential, but also her current weaknesses, which she would need to work on. She has clear potential for top TENNIS 3.0 strokes, where body action would dominate the racket, but as she shows here during this point, her game is currently oscillating between Tennis 2.0 (mostly arm dominance of the strokes) and TENNIS 3.0 (predominantly body dominance of the strokes), which is quite a typical situation with top juniors these days, mainly when the most important information how to reach and control the essential TENNIS 3.0 elements – “TENNIS 3.0 CODE” is missing and “3 Step Tennis Stroke Regulation” is not in place as it should be. In this particular point, Olga’s serve is quite close to fulfilling the TENNIS 3.0 benchmarks and the groundstrokes are clearly closer to Tennis 2.0. Reaching high degree of TENNIS 3.0 fulfillment in a majority of the strokes is then the stepping stone to the top of the professional tennis game. If interested, please feel free to ask for more details – drmgb11(at)gmail.com

Copyright 2015 (video), 2016 (text) by Dr. Martin G. Baroch

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (alias DrMGB) - CPTA's Vice-president - Director of Education and Certifications, long-time USPTA International Head Tester and member of the USPTA Education Committee, owner of the Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center (MBTA & HPC)

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