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Sloane Stephens – Service 3.0 over the time

It was my real pleasure to have had the chance to work with Sloane in 2010-11 and updating her service was maybe the most enjoyable instant success of my coaching career in tennis. During our first meeting on the court in Florida in 2010, Sloane, as this is quite usual with most of the young players until today, didn't have a clear understanding about the (targeted) pronation. Following short verbal, visual and proprioceptive explanation of this motion and its key elements (including the Service 3.0 Code) from my side, Sloane wanted

What is holding back American Sloane Stephens ?

In my personal opinion, Sloane's main "road block" is in just mediocre TENNIS 3.0 benchmark fulfilment in most of her strokes, which could be based partly on limited knowledge of and partly on missing readiness to apply the TENNIS 3.0 CODE within the "3 Step Tennis Stroke Regulation" as often and as precise as possible.

The most misleading coaching advice towards stroke production – 1 – Service

One of the most misleading tennis instructions is the imperative suggestion to lead the racket after the impact across to the non-dominant leg (left with the right-handed player) in the follow through of the service motion....