CPTA Educational Coach Courses & Certifications 


With the "TENNIS 3.0 INITIATIVE", we would like to bring the message of sustainable body-friendly tennis training method enabling growth of the players and of the game to as many places as possible. Besides educational courses for coaches mentioned below, CPTA/MBTA can also organize TENNIS 3.0 clinics & training camps for players of any age and level. 

The day-long seminar "TENNIS 3.0 - Future of the Game"

is an eye-opening overview presentation about the main aspects of the TENNIS 3.0 and the fundamental regulatory aspects of tennis in general.

Past seminars


The 1st presentation of the seminar took part in Prague / Czech Republic on October 21, 2017 - in the Czech language - more details are available here.

The 2nd presentation was featured in a sold-out auditorium of the Slovak National Tennis Center (NTC) in Bratislava / Slovak Republic on November 18, 2017 - in the Czech language - more details are available here.

We offer

The seminar "TENNIS 3.0 - Future of the Game" can be brought to any suitable place worldwide based upon request. It can be conducted in English, German, Czech, Serbo-Croatian or in basic Russian.

All 3 current CPTA Educational Coach Courses & Certifications: Introductory Course - IC, Coach Course - CC, and Competivive Practice Game Course - CPGC) will be organized (in the English language) in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2019 - more information follows.

If interested in pre-registering, please write to drmgb11(at)gmail.com


Enclosed below is the information about the International CPTA Educational Coach Courses & Certifications, which can be conducted at any suitable location worldwide based upon request.

Interested parties are requested to contact Dr.MGB for date availability and further details - drmgb11(at)gmail.com



Support & Sponsoring Possibilities


Any parties interested in becoming part of these efforts or in supporting the “TENNIS 3.0 INITIATIVE” are welcome to contact Dr.MGB at drmgb11(at)gmail.com.

Direct support of our efforts is possible also by funds transfer to the account of “Martin Baroch – Tennis 3.0 Initiative” with Bank Zimmerberg, 8810 Horgen / Switzerland – IBAN: CH11 0682 4650 1251 6368 6, SWIFT: RBABCH22824. The formal establishing of the CPTA/MBTA Tennis Education Foundation is pending.