Marin Cilic – Potential risk factors in his service

Tall Marin Cilic (*1988 / CRO) belongs not only because of his impressive 198 cm (6'6'') build to the better servers on the ATP Tour. His service (obviously a clear Service 3.0) has also some excellent technical qualities, mainly around the quite often almost perfect pronation. Despite that, a deeper look at the stats shows that Marin's service,¬†for some probably quite surprisingly, doesn't have the efficiency¬†of the very best in the business. Over his entire ATP Tour career up to date, Cilic has just 56% of the 1st services in the game, in comparison Djokovic 65%, Federer...

Marin Cilic – Standard Tennis 3.0 strokes

Regarding service, forehand and backhand, Marin Cilic can actually serve as a certain standard prototype for the TENNIS 3.0 style of stroke production, where body energy dominates the stroke dynamics as well as racket position in space and where elbow reaches longest possible distance from the center of gravity during and after the impact.

TENNIS 3.0 CODE – for TENNIS 3.0 strokes – general information

TENNIS 3.0 CODE has few respective requirements for each of the strokes of tennis. But there is the one main element of the TENNIS 3.0 CODE, which is common to all dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes being hit with the optimal combination of power and control (with the exception of some trouble-shooting and trick strokes), which we want to reveal to the tennis world - the common denominator of all high-quality dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes is in the effort to move...