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Genie Bouchard – Service details

Genie's service, in particular, didn't get so much attention yet, but despite some improvement possibilities concerning mainly the increase of its margin, it has a lot of good aspects, mainly around the body energy integration into the stroke. Genie mostly gains quite high percentages out of her serving points.

TENNIS 3.0 CODE – for TENNIS 3.0 strokes – general information

TENNIS 3.0 CODE has few respective requirements for each of the strokes of tennis. But there is the one main element of the TENNIS 3.0 CODE, which is common to all dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes being hit with the optimal combination of power and control (with the exception of some trouble-shooting and trick strokes), which we want to reveal to the tennis world - the common denominator of all high-quality dynamic TENNIS 3.0 strokes is in the effort to move...

Eugenie Bouchard (*94 / CAN) – Warm-up in TENNIS 3.0 style at 2014 US.Open

During the years of my very enjoyable cooperation with Nick Saviano (FL / USA), who is a great tennis mind with a very complex way of thinking, which is very hard to find, certain transfers of the DTBT/TENNIS 3.0 know-how did surely happen and it was my real pleasure to see what Nick was able to accomplish...