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Jelena Ostapenko – Powerful Forehand 3.0 from Latvia

One of the bases of Jelena's success is her powerful forehand, which was clicked as having higher average speed than the forehands of the men's #1 seed Andy Murray (GBR) during the 2017 French Open. Jelena's forehand has an excellent foundation with a form of the takeback/backswing, which is bringing the racket into the appropriate hitting position very early. She doesn't have any potentially disturbing....

Radek Stepanek – Sound and efficient Service 3.0

This former top 10 player in both singles and doubles as well as twice Davis Cup Champion with the team of the Czech Republic belongs to the best servers on the Tour from the technical point of view. Despite his just average body size of 185cm (6'1''), he has a quite high career ace probability of 51% per game played.

The most misleading coaching advice towards stroke production – 1 – Service

One of the most misleading tennis instructions is the imperative suggestion to lead the racket after the impact across to the non-dominant leg (left with the right-handed player) in the follow through of the service motion....