Catherine Bellis – Forehand 3.0 with potential

Below, I am comparing Catherine's forehand during her 3rd round match at the 2014 Orange Bowl (against Shiskina / USA - the first tie-break set was very tight there) and her forehand in a practice match against Kayla Day (USA) during the 2017 French Open. At her example is then also quite well possible to explain the certain mystery of the stances.....

Bernard Tomic – Service 3.0 – look back

One of the biggest would be his service. At 196cm (6'5''), Bernard has quite excellent bodily parameters for a powerful service and also his service technique is, despite certain weakness in his legs and core, since years very solid. The below-presented photos are from the 2011 Masters Series tournament in..

Petra Kvitova – Dominant leftie Service 3.0

Petra's favorite strokes are the service and the backhand, which is a great combination for her as a left-handed player. Her forehand is a bit mistake prone, as I did write about it in one of the previous articles here. Below, I am showing some important details from Petra's dominant service through the years, from her so far the most successful 2011 season and then some rather recent ones. And there are some developments to be spotted...