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What is holding back American Sloane Stephens ?

In my personal opinion, Sloane's main "road block" is in just mediocre TENNIS 3.0 benchmark fulfilment in most of her strokes, which could be based partly on limited knowledge of and partly on missing readiness to apply the TENNIS 3.0 CODE within the "3 Step Tennis Stroke Regulation" as often and as precise as possible.

Rafael Nadal and his forehand lasso finish – uncovered

Forehand lasso/reverse finish of Rafael Nadal (*1986 / ESP) is not always exactly what many think that it might be. Surely, Nadal as many other players (notably Sampras, Sharapova) goes with his racket very fast and steep up and later back when he is hitting an emergency forehand with limited time/space availability (close to the body)....

Olga Danilovic (*2001 / SRB) – On the border between Tennis 2.0 and TENNIS 3.0

Serve point in the 2nd round match of the U18 tournament during the 2015 Orange Bowl in Plantation, FL / USA – Olga Danilovic (*2001 / SRB – daughter of former Serbian basketball star Sascha Danilovic), which can be considered as a significant tennis prodigy, clearly shows in this point her enormous potential, but also...