The most misleading coaching advice towards stroke production – 2 – Forehand (CONSTRUCTION)

As a result, the players are developing the wrong image of the ideal stroke in their mind and use this image as the base for their stroke production. This ill-conceived process can start already with small children during their first attempts at hitting of the ball. Even today, most of the children are starting to learn forehand based on the elbow flexion instead of pronation, which is easy to teach, when done properly. This wrong guidance then often continues at the following stages all the way into professional tennis..

Petra Kvitova – Forehand improvement to a higher 3.0 standard

Then over the years, the forehand has brought Petra some winners, but often also rather a quite serious amount of errors as some of the Forehand 3.0 principles have been often missing in her game. It was the reason why I have repeatedly criticized her forehand, (also) here on this site, in the past and why I have mentioned some hints towards possible improvements, also to Petra's surrounding, mainly since the later part of the 2015 season. It might be just a pure coincidence, but especially after...

The most misleading coaching advice towards stroke production – 1 – Service

One of the most misleading tennis instructions is the imperative suggestion to lead the racket after the impact across to the non-dominant leg (left with the right-handed player) in the follow through of the service motion....