DTBT Foam Balls naturally force development of Tennis 3.0 strokes

DTBT lesson pathway

The DTBT Foams Balls (FB) developed by MBTA/CPTA are one of the best-kept secrets of some of the world’s best coaches. They are being used across all spectrums of players starting with (junior) beginners and going all the way to the Tour professionals.

Using these very long-lasting German-made DTBT FB in a proper way can facilitate the industry-wide fastest and most sustainable learning process towards the sound modern body energy dominated tennis strokes without any limits – TENNIS 3.0, at any age and level!!! They also make a very early start with the playing for points possible, mostly during the first lesson with a skilled coach already!!!

The main principles making the DTBT FB to such a valuable tool are based on the fact then in order to successfully play with them, the players have to incorporate solid spacing, proper ball receiving and appropriate body energy unloading, all combined with a longer attention span, in every stroke. The DTBT FB also offer slower, lower bounce coped with a longer time spent in the air. This combination pushed the players to catch balls, which they would not try catching otherwise and thus they improve both the court coverage as well as the tennis-specific conditioning elements. The examples from the use of the DTBT FB are documented below.

DTBT/TENNIS 3.0 courses, clinics, and seminars are available worldwide based on a qualified request.

DTBT Foam Balls = the fast lane to the sound body-friendly TENNIS 3.0 game for everybody!!!

The typical “developmental pathway” of a DTBT tennis session – for all ages and ability levels, just the time exposure for each stage and intensity do vary – CFB-210 (rotational throwing with the hands), FB-90 Green/Red (can be omitted with top/pro players), FB-120 Green/Blue, eventually FB-150 Green (to be used by very experienced coaches with appropriate skilled players only), standard yellow tennis ball
As a “2019 Christmas Special”, the CPTA is making affordable starting sets of one of the best-kept secrets of some of the world’s best coaches, the very long-lasting German-made DTBT Foam Balls (FB) by MBTA/CPTA, easily available to the worldwide tennis community!!!

The starting set can be seen in the enclosed photo:
2 x FB-90 Green, 3 x FB-120 Green & 1 x FB-120 Blue
This set including 1 eco-friendly very long-lasting “TASCHKA” net bag (in red/blue/back/olive green – value US$ 10.00) is available for just US$ 89.95 (per PayPal) including registered priority shipping to the addresses anywhere in the world!! The regular list price of this order inclusive registered priority shipping would be US$ 125.00 in Europe / US$ 140.00 elsewhere in the world.

If interested, simply forward a PayPal payment of US$ 89.95 to drmgb11(at)gmail.com and submit the shipping address and the phone number with the payment. That’s all you need to do!! The box with the above described DTBT FB starting set will arrive within 6 (Europe) / 10 (outside of Europe) working days after the PayPal payment arrival day at your door anywhere in the world!
For 2 starting sets forward US$ 149.95 only! The maximum is 2 testing starting sets per address and 12 months period only!!
A basic DTBT Manual will be forwarded by e-mail to all ordering customers!!
GET the heavy-duty DTBT FOAM BALLS TODAY and
START with the UPDATE to TENNIS 3.0 ASAP!!!

Opening pages of the DTBT Instruction Manual
Ewa (6 years / POL) – Two-handed backhand 3.0 – end of follow through 1 while hitting with the DTBT Foam Ball FB-120 Green
Tennis specific warm-up – rotational throwing with the CFB-210 emulating the motion structure of the tennis strokes
Life drill (coach playing volleys back) with the FB-90 Green – the seamless transfer from the Forehand 3.0 to the Two-handed backhand 3.0 is the highlight
Life ball drills with the FB-90 Green followed by the FB-120 Green – Ewa slightly nervous while all is happening as a demonstration during the seminars “Tennis 3.0 – Future of the Game” in Prague / Czech Republic
Competitive warm-up – club juniors – DTBT Foam Balls request a full-body engagement in all strokes
Dr. Martin G. Baroch (alias DrMGB) - CPTA's Vice-president - Director of Education and Certifications, long-time USPTA International Head Tester and member of the USPTA Education Committee, owner of the Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center (MBTA & HPC)

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