Richard Gasquet – One-handed backhand 3.0

(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) The equally highly talented as well as early developed son of two tennis teachers Richard Gasquet (*1986 / FRA), was since his childhood considered as a big prodigy of French tennis. Already before his 10th birthday, he made the cover of the French magazine Tennis. I can well remember seeing small Richard, who was given the chance to breathe the air of the big tennis early on, practice at the courts of Roland Garros during the French Open in the late '90s and admiring his wonderful

Stefanos Tsitsipas – One-handed backhand 3.0 then and now

The one-handed backhand can be considered as Stefanos' signature stroke. He belongs to the rather small group of the young players playing the one-handed stroke on the backhand side. In general, the one-handed backhand variety gives a better chance for the acceleration but can be also rather more challenging...

Andy Murray – 1st service with rather lower margin

The above numbers tell us that Andy's service margins are mostly (besides aces) quite below the ones of his closest competitors. It's mainly his excellent return and rally game that make him to such a successful player he is. From the technical point of view, as I personally see it, a limited pronation and a rather unclear distinction between the follow through 1 and follow through 2 are the reasons behind Andy's lower service margins. Interestingly enough, Ivan Lendl (1st serve 56%, overall service points won 66%) had similar issues in his career.

Ewa (6y 9m / POL) – One-handed backhand 3.0

Ewa (6y 9m / POL) in a backhand rally (I am playing volleys back to her) with the ITF Green ball – she can actually play a very good two-handed backhand 3.0 (which can be also seen in the posts on this site), but the one-handed stroke is her stroke of choice. As Ewa is...

Stefanos Tsitsipas – Serving point during the 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships

In the below-shown serving point from Summer 2015, Stefanos demonstrates enormous technical capacities in his service, forehand as well as one-handed backhand, all of his strokes presented here fulfill the essential TENNIS 3.0 parameters.....