Stefanos Tsitsipas – Serving point during the 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships

Young Greek/Russian Stefanos Tsitsipas (*1998 / GRE) is, in my personal opinion, one of the biggest tennis talents out there, but also the one missing on the biggest junior singles titles (as of February 2016). Tall Stefanos came to the spotlights at the end of 2014 when he surprisingly made it all the way to the finals of the 2014 Orange Bowl in the U18 category, which he lost being a set and a break ahead, sadly also due to quite a terrible conduct from the side of one ill-minded spectator.  He confirmed his potential at the same place one year later, leaving with the runner-up trophy again. In between, he also captured his first ITF Features trophy and finished the year 2015 at the #572 in the men’s ranking. The big question will be: “How good can he prove his potential in the men’s game”?

In the below-shown serving point from Summer 2015, Stefanos demonstrates enormous technical capacities in his service, forehand as well as one-handed backhand, all of his strokes presented here fulfill the essential TENNIS 3.0 parameters. Stefanos’ father coach Apostolos has done, in my opinion, a very good job in the forming of his son’s stroke technique. As about now, mainly the forehand and the service could be streamlined even a bit more into the very top TENNIS 3.0 style, where body energy would, even more, dominate the racket path, mainly around and after the impact, and more often. Stefanos seems to be still partly missing on some of the very distinct details from the TENNIS 3.0 CODE used by the most exceptional players. He, so far, also tends to stay rather a bit too much in the back of the court.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (*1998 / GRE) – Serving point in the match – ad side – 1st service NET – 2nd spin service  IN – rather a passive approach quite far from the baseline, but ending with a wonderful forehand passing shot – 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships U18 – Klosters / Switzerland – July 2015


The practically perfect fulfillment of some of the essential TENNIS 3.0 parameters in different strokes from the same match as the video above:

Stefanos Tsitsipas (*98 / GRE) - serve - 2015 European U18 JUnior Championships -Klosters / Switzerland

Stefanos Tsitsipas (*1998 / GRE) – 1st service 3.0 in a match – 1 of 1 – upward racket acceleration from the cocking position with a good eye control of the impact zone and an excellent high reach towards the ball for a high impact – high dominant shoulder and elbow positions are essential elements for a very good service 3.0 – 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships U18 – Klosters / Switzerland – July 2015


Stefanos Tsitsipas (*98 / GRE) - one-handed backhand - follow through - 2015 European Junior Tennis Ch.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (*98 / GRE) – one-handed backhand 3.0 in a match – 1 of 1 – great follow through with an excellent long-axis supination in a rather defensive position – 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships U18 – Klosters / Switzerland – July 2015


Stefanos Tsitsipas (*98 / GRE) - forehand - follow through

Stefanos Tsitsipas (*98 / GRE) – forehand 3.0 in a match – 1 of 1 – nice long follow through with a solid long-axis pronation, but with a slightly limited body energy influence upon the racket leading to a partly stiff look – 2015 European Junior Tennis Championships U18 – Klosters / Switzerland – July 2015


This article covers certain aspects of Stefanos Tsitsipas’ service, forehand, and backhand only! Further extensive photo galleries and more distinct details about his strokes as well as about the strokes of other players are available upon a qualified request at drmgb11(at) Some significant details of this kind, necessary for the peak performance in modern tennis as well as for a sustainable tennis training/development in general, are being discussed also in the seminar “TENNIS 3.0 – Future of the Game”, which is available worldwide upon request – /


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