Ewa (6y 9m / POL) – One-handed backhand 3.0

Ewa (6y 9m / POL) in a backhand rally (I am playing volleys back to her) with the ITF Green ball – she can actually play a very good two-handed backhand 3.0 (which can be also seen in the posts on this site), but the one-handed stroke is her stroke of choice. As Ewa is already quite well using the TENNIS 3.0 CODE and developed a very nice supination, I am letting her further develop the one-handed stroke along the two-handed backhand. In addition to being able to play both one-handed and two-handed backhands in different stance varieties, Ewa can also already play quite solid one-handed backhand slice and has thus a good base for further development without limits set to her – Aesch / Switzerland – June 2016

Copyright June 2016 by Dr. Martin G. Baroch

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (alias DrMGB) - CPTA's Vice-president - Director of Education and Certifications, long-time USPTA International Head Tester and member of the USPTA Education Committee, owner of the Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center (MBTA & HPC)

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