Ewa (*2009 / POL) – Forehand 3.0 & Backhand 3.0 in a practice rally with FB-90


Ewa (6 y 3m / POL) – forehand 3.0 and backhand 3.0 practice rally with the DTBT foam ball FB-90 – her body activity dominates in most cases to a big degree the strokes/racket and she coordinates her entire body accordingly to the ball – great TENNIS 3.0 foundation. The main developmental issue with TENNIS 3.0 is that children learn to dominate the strokes with the body action early in the pre-operational and concrete operational stages (stages based on Piaget) of their development. Unfortunately, a majority of the children under current teaching methods focus more at the arm dominance of the strokes/racket, what we call Tennis 2.0 and consider as a significantly less sustainable method of tennis teaching. In contrary, while understanding and properly teaching the essential elements supporting the body dominance of the strokes – TENNIS 3.0, the process seems to be significantly more sustainable as it creates an open system with further development possibilities, even all the way to professional tennis, if desired.

Copyright 2015 (video), 2016 (text) by Dr. Martin G. Baroch

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (alias DrMGB) - CPTA's Vice-president - Director of Education and Certifications, long-time USPTA International Head Tester and member of the USPTA Education Committee, owner of the Martin Baroch Tennis Academy & Human Performance Center (MBTA & HPC)

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